5563 African Mudcloth Pattern


Lazy Susan (Optional)

Leather Handle – Set of Two (Optional)

Metal Handles (Optional)

None MH01 - Add Metal Handle Type 1 +$12.00 MH02 - Add Metal Handle Type 2 +$12.00


African mudcloth is a traditional Malian fabric that is dyed with fermented mud and plant dyes. This pattern can also represent a modern abstract of shapes. This design is available in the following sizes: (03) 9×12 Solid,(06) 12″x12″ Solid Framed,(08) 14″x14″ Solid Framed,(13) 12″x24″ Solid,(16) 14″x24″ Solid Framed, (21) 2’x3′ Solid Framed, (23) 17″ Round, (24) 24″ Round

This design is shown using the following colors: M53 Polished Concrete- Base, V45 Fossil- Design, C91 Bronze- Frame

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(03) 9″x12″ Solid, (06) 12″x12″ Solid Framed, (08) 14″x14″ Solid Framed, (13) 12″x24″ Solid, (16) 14″x24″ Solid Framed, (21) 24″x36″ Solid Framed, (23) 17″ Round, (24) 24″ Round