5564 Diamond Ikat Pattern


Lazy Susan (Optional)

Leather Handle – Set of Two (Optional)

Metal Handles (Optional)


Ikat is a dyeing technique used to pattern textiles that employs resist dyeing on
the yarns prior to dyeing and weaving the fabric. It originated in many global locations such as Indonesia, Southeast Asia, South America, and India. This design is offered in the following sizes: (03) 9×12 Solid,(06) 12″x12″ Solid Framed,(08) 14″x14″ Solid Framed,(13) 12″x24″ Solid,(16) 14″x24″ Solid Framed, (21) 2’x3′ Solid Framed, (23) 17″ Round, (24) 24″ Round

The representative image is finished in the following colors: M52 Abalone- Base, M02 Bisque- Design, C90 Salted Pretzel- frame

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Choose your Wood Base

(03) 9″x12″ Solid, (06) 12″x12″ Solid Framed, (08) 14″x14″ Solid Framed, (13) 12″x24″ Solid, (16) 14″x24″ Solid Framed, (21) 24″x36″ Solid Framed, (23) 17″ Round, (24) 24″ Round