5566 Organic Pattern


Lazy Susan (Optional)

Leather Handle – Set of Two (Optional)

Metal Handles (Optional)

None MH01 - Add Metal Handle Type 1 +$12.00 MH02 - Add Metal Handle Type 2 +$12.00


This Organic Pattern is inspired by nature,in it’s loose form. This could also signify citrus or kiwi for a kitchen project. This design is available in the following sizes:(03) 9×12 Solid,(06) 12″x12″ Solid Framed,(08) 14″x14″ Solid Framed,(13) 12″x24″ Solid,(16) 14″x24″ Solid Framed, (21) 2’x3′ Solid Framed, (23) 17″ Round, (24) 24″ Round

C63 Admiral Blue- Base
V43 Chameleon- Design

Additional information

Choose your Wood Base

(03) 9″x12″ Solid, (06) 12″x12″ Solid Framed, (08) 14″x14″ Solid Framed, (13) 12″x24″ Solid, (16) 14″x24″ Solid Framed, (21) 24″x36″ Solid Framed, (23) 17″ Round, (24) 24″ Round