Frequently Asked Questions

What is Open Studio?

During COVID restrictions we are operating on a reservation-only basis so that we are able to social distance in the appropriate manner. Open Studio will return when it’s safe to do so. 
Open studio allows you to either schedule individual appointments or just pop in to a studio and create. Making an online reservation for Open Studio time guarantees your space and allows the studio to prepare your stencil ahead of time. As a walk in to Open Studio your spot is limited to current availability and you may choose from any design in our design catalog.

Does everyone have to make the same project or design?
Absolutely not! Unless the workshop is project specific, everyone in the group can choose what they would like to make. Our process makes it easy for you and your friends to simultaneously work on different projects, sizes and designs at the same time.
Do I need to bring anything to class?
No! We will provide everything you need to create your one of a kind unique piece.
Can I bring food or beverages?
Absolutely. We are a BYOB all day, everyday. Whatever you would like to bring to snack on or drink during your time here is okay with us! Please keep in mind that it is a workshop space, and your food and beverage should be simple to serve and easy to cover if needed. We suggest finger foods and individual appetizer options.
Do I need to be crafty to take a class?
Classes are designed with all levels in mind. If at any point, you are uncertain with a step, we will guide you and ensure that you are comfortable.
Do you offer Private Parties?
YES! We love to host parties of 8 or more in a private party setting. The beauty of our parties is that everyone can choose the shape and style of their own project. We do ask that all party invitees register three days in advance so that we can focus on the DIY fun when you arrive. Party hosts are welcome to bring decorations and food and all of our studios are BYOB. Don’t have a group of 8? You can still create together, simply register for Open Studio spaces on the same day and time. You can still bring in food and drink and join in the fun times.
When do orders need to be in?

Studio time may be scheduled days in advance. In order to operate safely while social distancing, we ask that orders are made 24 hours in advance. Private party orders must be received three days in advance. There is no charge for our personalized designs. We do offer custom designs for an additional charge, but do ask that we have three days notice to thoughtfully prepare these designs and offer proofs for your review.

Do you offer birthday parties for children?
Sharing the DIY experience with children is so rewarding and we welcome them into the studios with open arms. Our youth party packages include 10 children. Additional spaces may be purchased if needed. Cost and availability of additional space varies by studio. Our packages include a private room and dedicated Art-Tender for 2 hours. Parents typically bring in a celebratory snack, cupcakes, juice, etc.
Do you offer adult party packages?
The beauty of our parties is that everyone is able to choose the project and design that matches their style or space. If you’re interested in hosting a prepaid party for a group of friends, please contact your local studio owner and they will be glad to work with you on creating the perfect event.
Do you offer corporate events?
We do – and Nailed It® is a sure hit for team building, client appreciation and more. We offer both in studio and offsite events. Contact the studio owner near you for more information.
What if I want to do 2 projects?
You can make as many projects as you would like during our open studio hours, however, if you are joining us during a private party time, we ask that you limit yourself to one project to ensure we stay within the time allotted.
What if someone in my party cannot make it to the scheduled date/time that they paid for?

We understand that unforeseen circumstances happen. Each and every registered guest is prepared for in advance, so we cannot refund that seat, however, we will work with you to ensure that your situation is handled properly. Often we are able to set the project aside and accommodate the guest at another time. 

How do I sign up for a class?
On our website you will find your location or click the “SAVE A SEAT” tab.
How can I pay for a class?
You can register and pay for class through our website under the “SAVE A SEAT” tab
Should I make a reservation?

If you’re interested in a specific Open Studio time or are making plans with friends to DIY together, it’s always good to make a reservation and choose your project ahead of time. This allows the staff to have all of your materials prepared ahead of time. Due to COVID restrictions we are asking that all sessions are booked 24 hours in advance. 

What happens if I sign up and cannot make it to my party or appointment time?
We understand that unforeseen circumstances happen. Each and every registered project is prepared for in advance, so we cannot refund that seat, however, we will work with you to ensure that your situation is handled properly. Often times we are able to set your project aside and reschedule you for another Open Studio time.
What is your Studio Capacity?

During COVID restrictions and in an effort to socially distance in an appropriate manner, our studio is limited to 10 guests at a time. 

During a private event when the studio is reserved for only your use, we will be able to accommodate up to 22 guests.